Ancillary Services

We can obtain your client’s medical notes. We can assist with your client’s transport to their appointment. We can provide domiciliary childcare for your client during their appointment.

We have been reporting for many years now and recognise that there is much more to providing a report than just the appointment.  Why not let us manage the whole process for you – or those parts where your client needs assistance.  Here are some of the things we have learnt, over the years, cause problems if not addressed:

Medical Notes

Looking at medical notes is a completely necessary part of the preparation our experts need to do before seeing your client.  It is the way they work and, if ignored, can seriously delay timetables.  Yet it can be an unnecessary distraction for solicitors.  You are not expert in the nuances of the NHS – we are!

So why not hand this aspect of the work over to us?  There is no additional charge – we will simply put the £50 disbursement on your bill.  You know that this will have to be paid anyway – we pay the GPs up front and assertively chase up the notes for you.  All we need from you is a signed consent form from your client.


Let us help your client get to their appointment.  Particularly in public law family proceedings this can be a huge impediment to keeping to the timescales with multiple missed appointments.  We can tailor solutions to meet the needs of your client.  Examples include:

Providing detailed individual journey plans to our premises

  • Taxi pickup from the nearest station to our premises
  • Taxi transport from home (in cases where the solicitor deems fit and is willing to claim fees as a disbursement) – we pay up front though.
  • Appointments at your office (in selected difficult cases)


If your client cannot attend their appointment because they cannot find childcare, we can provide this through our connections with Tinies which provides nationwide childcare services.  Please enquire as soon as possible, if you think your client needs this service, and we can quote a price.