Immigrants face a number of difficulties when finding themselves in a new country. There are so many adjustments to take into consideration along with dealing with the traumas often experienced in their home countries – for example, the loss of their home, loved ones, family and the complete change they have to face for them and their family.

Once in the UK, they then have to cope with a different culture, language barriers and often discrimination from others who are not totally aware of the situation surrounding immigrants.

Immigrants have to cope with changes to their lifestyle socially, educationally and financially. Some immigrants who may be highly qualified and hold professional jobs in their own country, are unable to find work here or have to take low income jobs to support their families.

Dr Allen has experience of seeing adults involved in immigration proceedings and are able to visit clients in Immigration Removal Centres or prisons.

An appointment (with the assistance of an interpreter if required) will be made with the client. We will then provide a report within 10 working days of the appointment taking place.