The challenges an immigrant faces in the UK

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Immigrants in the UK face an array of challenges including not fitting in at school, unemployment and poverty.

There are a lot of problems that immigrants face in the UK. This is in addition to the struggles that they experience from moving to a completely new location, one that they may not know a lot about, and they may be alone or with family. Immigrants across the globe can experience similar challenges and… Read more »

Parenting After Divorce

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Parenting after divorce, a picture of a two parents walking with their child

Parenting after divorce, what is best for the children? Going through a divorce is hard for everyone involved, especially if there are children. While the actual process of the divorce is a big part of your child’s life, what is even bigger is how the parents cope after this. We have heard all the horror… Read more »

The Capacity to Make Decisions

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capacity to make decisions, a woman thinking and looking outside of the window

Here are some stories where the capacity for one to make a decision has been questioned. Do you agree with the judgments that have been made?   In a commentary of the UK perspective on Competency to Stand Trial written by Tim Exworthy, he discussed a Court of Appeal case which concerned a woman who… Read more »

Fitness to Stand Trial

fitness to stand trial, a picture of a gavel in a court room

Considerations for fitness to stand trial Fitness to stand trial is also known as fitness to plead. This refers to whether a person: Has the capacity to understand criminal proceedings in court. Can understand what they are charged with. Can understand the court process. Can actively participate in a trial. Can understand and know when… Read more »